To put it plainly, when I was a plucky young hostess in DC I used to get hammered with the servers downtown and end just about every night at a little pita place, where I would eat this sandwich. Well, this is as close as I can come to it. It’s really good! Even when you’re not hammered.



Pitas or flatbreads

Roasted chicken breast, shredded

1 russet potato, diced

1 large white onion, halved and diced


Garlic powder

Zest of 1 lemon

Salt and Pepper


garlicky hummus (homemade or store bought, whatever)


Juice of 2 lemons

fat bunch curly parsley (you can use flat or a combo, but curly’s the best)

fat bunch mint

1 or 2 roma tomatos, chopped roughly

1/2 cup bulghur wheat or quinoa

1 cup chicken or vegetable stock

2 tbsps EVOO

Half the white onion, chopped very finely


Ok! So it’s a bunch of ingredients but execution is simple. These are really just guidelines anyway. The potatoes take the longest so start there: warm some oil over medium and toss them in. Season with salt, cumin, and garlic powder. Cook for about 10 minutes, browning and turning so they cook evenly and get a lil’ crisp goin’. Add in the diced white onion. Adjust seasoning, pinch more cumin or garlic powder here and there.

Meanwhile, you’ll want to cook the bulghur wheat or quinoa. One half cup dry into one full cup liquid stock, bring to a boil, then turn down and simmer for 15-20 minutes until the grains are tender. Take off the heat, and set aside to cool. make the tabbouleh and set aside. The potatoes and onions should be about done then too.

For the tabbouleh, just wash and dry and roughly chop the parsley and mint. I do about twice the amount of parsley as mint, as it’s really the boss of the salad and it’s not quite as fragrant. ANYhoo, chop it and toss into a big bowl, along with the finely diced onion and chopped tomato. Next goes the now-cool grains, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Toss and toss to coat.

To assemble the sandwich, heat the already roasted chicken in a pan with a big scoop of hummus and some potato and onion. As that’s warming through, pop your pitas or flatbread under the broiler. Remove from heat and put on a sheet of foil. Deposit chickeny potato mixture onto pita, dollop a bit more hummus, and a whole bunch of tabbouleh up on there. Roll it up and wrap it in the foil. Eat it standing up in your living room pretending you’re on an exciting street corner (but maybe you’re just watching old episodes of Jeopardy on Crackle).


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