There are so many ways to devil an egg, I could (and MIGHT) devote an entire book of recipes to them. The glorious egg. Little sparkling gems. Not a recipe as much as a suggestion, this one is another rattle-in-the-cupboard kind of deal, whatever’s on hand, no mayo, no yogurt, simple, fast, and healthful way to make something sunny in the middle of a vortex, the kitchen and this dish a bright pinprick of sunshine in a grey and snowy week.



Spicy brown mustard

Lots o’ lemon

Extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper






My perfect hard boiled egg happens like this: place eggs in stock pot. Add enough room temperature water to just cover the eggs. Heat to boiling, then turn heat as low as it can go, and cook about 11 minutes for the first egg, adding one minute per extra egg. Strain and place in ice water, and let cool in the fridge. Voila! Your eggs are hard boiled.

Halve the eggs lengthwise (I wonder how much direction one actually needs here; I feel as though if you’ve ever even seen a deviled egg, you could probably figure this out. But onward we march!), scoop out the yolks and put the egg whites back in the fridge for a bit.

In a food processor, add the yolks. salt and pepper, cumin, spicy brown mustard, and lemon juice. I didn’t include specific amounts, mostly because I am embarrassed about how many I can eat in one sitting. But the point is, season it to your tastes. Begin to pulse the processor, drizzling olive oil as you blend until everything is mixed uniformly and the texture is creamy. I leave mine a bit rough, the texture a bit knubbly, but again, it’s your egg. Do whatever you want!

Anyhoo, refrigerate this mixture for at least an hour so it can set, then fill your egg whites, and shake on that achiote and paprika, rip up some cilantro leaves, and serve. Or in my case, eat all of them while standing up in the kitchen before anyone even knows they’re ready. Happy egging!


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