//Hello fellows//

This is mostly how I look. HELLO THERE

This is mostly how I look. HELLO THERE. This is a blog about food, and a lifestyle, and art, and a little bit of everything else, and how easy and effortless it is to make a life full, round, and wondrous.

First off. There are kitchen rules. I am beginning this blog at the beginning of these rules, and petering off and into actual recipes soon.


I almost never have a well-stocked pantry. I’m broke all the time, and dicking off at farmer’s markets is amazing but almost always beyond me. However, you can make anything awesome if you always have:

  1. CITRUS mostly lemons, but often limes. In a pinch, if you have it, dry sherry will do, but who are we kidding us young gals don’t have sherry lying around unless someone threw an ill-fated Mad Men theme party. AnyWAY, citrus deglazes the pan when cooking with heavy oils and such and pretty much brightens everything else, from soup to nuts. Honestly.
  2. Kosher salt and WHOLE BLACK PEPPERCORNS (and then, of course, a peppermill to grind them kerns). I cannot deal when I have to cook in a kitchen with that McCormicks ground pepper bullshit. Get that shit out of here. Whole cracked pepper! Better than anything.
  3. You have to be BRAVE. Don’t worry about anything, it’s not a big deal. Almost anything can be salvaged. It’s like anything else: if you feel scared and insecure, the final product will suffer. Be bold and lovely and daring and don’t worry. Combine two flavors you like. Add the whole packet of noodles if you want. Who cares about a cup of this versus two cups of that!? I mean, follow a recipe, but relax. Have confidence.
  4. EASY PEASY. The importance of this cannot be overstated. I love cooking the MOST, however I can’t be arsed to make a big fucking deal about it. Work smart, not hard.


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